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At LRG, we specialize in difficult projects, close tolerances, and exotic materials. Along with CNC Milling and Turning, we also offer Deep Hole Drilling, Intense EDM work, and Unrivaled Manual Milling and Turning for special projectsBelow is a list of our services. 


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Precision Deep Hole Drilling:    0.055 - 1.0 diameter holes up to 200 inches deep


Sinker/Ram type EDM:    CNC machined electrodes can burn most any shape into any metal


CNC Milling:   Conversational and G code programming, 4th axis machining, with the ability to machine 84 inches plus


CNC Lathe:   Conversational programming with the ability to turn work that is 15 inches in diameter by                                         24inches long


High Production:    An 8-axis CNC machining center boasts two live spindles, two turrets with                                                                   four live tooling stations per turret, 29 stations total, and parts transferring.                                          With all these features combined, raw stock goes in and finished parts come out, in one cycle

EDM Drilling:   0.010 - .125 holes with complete accuracy


Wire EDM:   the ability to cut 24 inches thick


Surface Grinding:     Fully automatic surface grinder with electromagnetic vice

CAD/CAM:    Mastercam X6 is used in creating complex CNC mill tool paths, such as 3D surfaces and

                    engraving.  In addition to the CNC mill, it is also used for wire EDM tool paths


Inkjet Printing:    Two Videojet printers (one for black, one for white) are used to mark our parts as well

                             as other companies’ parts all to MIL-STD-130


Manual Milling & Lathe:   When a job calls for it, an experienced journeyman can complete a job that a CNC cannot


Discuss your project with us in detail.  Together we'll find a solution.

Call us now to get a quote:

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